Music Publishing & More!

Music Publishing & More!

Music Publishing & More!Music Publishing & More!Music Publishing & More!

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Music publishing at

We offer a standard 50/50 publishing deal with a reversion clause. The goal is to get your music published and in the hands of a recording artist so you can start making money!

Song Demos

song demos at Crosslight publishing

 We create simple song demos you can use for pitching, social media, etc. Upgraded quality demos also available and a Work-for-Hire agreement may be needed on high-end demos at an additional, reasonable cost. 

Song Critique

Song critique at Crosslight Publishing

 Take advantage of our songwriting course and song critique at amazingly reasonable rates! 

Let us help you match your great song to producers and artists.

Songwriting Course

Songwriting course at Crosslight Publishing

Our online songwriting  course will  take your songwriting skills to a new level! The course is designed to strengthen your songwriting abilities in a positive and rewarding way


songwriting cowriter

Are you a lyricist who seeks a creative co-writer to work with you to take your song to market? We can match you with an experienced musician who will put music to your lyrics.  You will own 50% of the Writer's share.  

Songwriter's Weekend

Songwriters Conference in Los Angeles

 Join us for a weekend in Nashville or Los Angeles where you will hone your songwriting skills. The next event is in Nashville in late 2020.

Military Song Project

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Military Song Project at Crosslight Publishing

Military Song Project at Crosslight Publishing

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Who uses snail mail anymore?  Well, we welcome your mail as long as it's not junk!  Feel free to drop us a line to: 21218 Merridy Street, Chatsworth, CA 91311